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We are fortunate to have loyal customers since our first graphic tee shirts dropped in 2008, since then we have have encountered a healthy amount of growth and expansion over the years. One thing that remains the same is our passion for producing quality products that celebrate the individual.  That is why all of our current line of accessories are hand crafted in our office headquarters by the people who eat, sleep, and breathe this company.  The beaded bracelets that feature genuine wood beads with distressed red rocks and rustic silver charms were first developed at a kitchen table by one of our owners and now are best selling items on the Urban Outfitters website.  Constantly on the hunt for new inspiration, we grabbed a camera and ventured to the fast paced garment district to explore some new accessory prospects.  Custom glass beads, charms made of genuine bone, and various dyed leather can all be found throughout these streets.  With the help of a beautiful fall day and plenty of greasy pizza, we hit up a few of our favorite spots and explored some hidden gems to craft up some new products for ya'll.  Journey with us.

After years of successfully developing various forms of wristwear, the team decided to dive into the world of neckwear.  From the images above, you can see how overwhelming the selection process can be.  These aisles are filled with various chains that range in color, texture, and weight.  The process of selecting a chain can be timely because many factors come into play.  What is the appropriate length?  Can we incorporate a charm on this type of link?  Would this color brass be something that can be incorporated into our customer's wardrobe?  These are all valid questions we regularly ask ourselves when selecting materials to make a new product. Also, finding the perfect balance between bold and brazen with particular detailing that will ultimately make the piece Profound can be a challenge.  But having a male and female perspective comes in extra handy when selecting and finalizing the type of materials we incorporate for any accessory. While certain chains are eye-catching and possess individualistic qualities that would appeal to our diverse customer, it might not fit in with our general theme or mood for the current collection. 




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