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There is constantly music radiating throughout the Profound headquarters, often times at various decibels.  It is how we get the creative juices flowing and receive noise complaints from our office neighbors.  Recently, I was introduced to the electro-pop band, PVRIS (pronounced Paris). With impressive vocal chops, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen leads this three piece act that consists of Alex Babinski on guitar, and Brian Macdonald on bass and keyboards. The trio just released their debut album "White Noise" and wrapped up the Honeymoon tour where they opened for headliners, Mayday Parade.  I linked up with the up-and-coming band at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey, conveniently located just a few miles from our warehouse headquarters.  Take a read below and get to know our new friends, and see some shots of the band rocking Profound graphic tees to a sold out crowd.  

Profound: How did the trio PVRIS originate? 

PVRIS: We originated from all going to the same venue as young teenagers. I (Alex) joined Lynn's old band and played for them a bit and when it came time to record we decided to make a whole new band and that's when we got Brian. 


Profound: Is there a story behind the V replacing the A in the band name? 

PVRIS: We were named Paris for a few years but ran into some legal issues with the name as we got more into the business side of things, therefore, leading to us to changing the A to a V. 


Profound: If you were to describe your sound to a new listener what genre or category would you say you fit into?

PVRIS: Its actually hard for us to put a name on it but it's like a mix of top 40 pop and alternative rock 

Profound: Who works on the songwriting?  Lyrically, what are some central themes that White Noise focuses on?

PVRIS:Lynn will work on the songwriting and show us and we'll revise. We all have our own little flavor we bring to the songs. White Noise has a lot to do about ghosts and paranormal things. It has a very haunting vibe throughout.


Profound: Are there any bands or musicians in general that have had an influence on the band or individually?

PVRIS: There has been a lot of influence from band members in our area that supported us and helped guide us. When Lynn was younger she saw Paramore and Jimmy Eat World and she told herself someday she would do that.


Profound: What are some of the bands favorite parts about going on tour? 

PVRIS:Getting to see a lot of cool places and meeting new faces every night. And seeing old faces is very nice as well. Touring in a van can get quite crowded but even still touring is the best thing in the world.

Profound: Does fashion play a role in your overall aesthetic?  What are some items in your wardrobe that you consider essential?  Why?  

PVRIS:Fashion is a huge role is our aesthetic. We've always had an image in our head of how we want to be perceived and it's easy to do through clothing. Essential clothing for me is a long tee and a nice jacket. We always wear a lot of accessories and Profound fits perfectly into our aesthetic.  


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