Five A-List Celebrities Spotted in Profound.

The relationship between fashion and music has always gone hand in hand. In today's hyper fast information era, the bridge between the two is undeniably present. Many of your favorite basketball players, musicians, and Hollywood actors are now personal friends with designers and maintain close access to brands and their products. It is now common for them to develop relationships with clothing companies and have select items sent to them prior to release.

Perhaps one of the most recent highlights of the brand's impressive placement was in the number one worldwide hit "The Box" by Roddy Ricch, a new artist who has taken the music world by storm

Rihanna has always been at the forefront of music and fashion and is an artist many look towards as a female muse. She effortlessly merges streetwear and high fashion to curate a unique, one-of-a-kind style which serves as a subset of her music. Shown below is Rihanna in a Profound "Birds of Heaven" bucket hat in navy.

Justin Bieber is shown below featured on the Ellen show wearing a Profound collaboration jersey with The Chainsmokers. Bieber has worn the jersey on a few separate occasions and continues to support the brand.

2019 and 2020 are known so far as the Post Malone years. With the critically acclaimed album "Hollywood Bleeding," Post Malone has supported the Profound brand over the years. He is shown below wearing the "Four Flag Worldwide Hooded Windbreaker Jacket" during a New York City performance.

The Weeknd and Profound's style go hand in hand. The Weeknd is almost always spotted in an all-black ensemble with military inspiration; a sizable portion of the Profound brands inspiration comes from functional and technical-inspired military attire. The Weekend is shown below wearing a black Nylon Bomber Jacket from Profound , embroidered with an American flag at the bottom-left seam and a large black fighter jet on back. This jacket was worn by The Weekend at a pre-Grammy Awards party in Los Angeles.


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