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Each designer had a vignette in a group fashion show, more loose-limbed and free-spirited than the usual catwalk skulk. Krewe du Optic, an eyewear label based in New Orleans, featured a performance by a brass band; Ji Oh’s fringed women’s wear was swished about by a troupe of ballet dancers en pointe; Area’s designs were shown on models shooting sprays of bubbles, while a performance artist demonstrated advanced hula-hooping in their midst.

Best of all for the designers, they are not involved in the production of the show (Vogue takes the clothes and handles it from there), so they had the rare opportunity to circulate, have a cocktail and sit front row.

“By this point, the designers have done challenges and shows and presentations and been interviewed by the whole panel,” said Mark Holgate, the magazine’s fashion news director, who introduced the event. “I think this gives them a chance to be with each other and bond a little bit as well. This is supposedly the fun bit.”


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