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Editorial: "Young Kings of Soho" w/ Luka Sabbat

Profound Aesthetic Fall "Young Kings of Soho: Part One" Editorial w/ Luka Sabbat.

Story: The youth have stood at the forefront of street culture since its inception. Only now have they been given light through social media and the rapid speed of online communication. More so recently than ever before, young style icons have become more of a powerful force within high end streetwear and embody an almost obsessive passion and brand devotion through what they wear. With our recent office move to Soho, NYC, we've started an editorial series of style influencers on the forefront of youth street culture. The first part of an ongoing series titled "Young Kings of Soho" starts in New York City and will expand to other major cities in the U.S. as well as London, Japan, etc. This series will highlight the natural style of what brings these young tastemakers to light. Luka is seen in pieces from Profound Aesthetic's Fall '14 "Across a Distant Sky" Collection, accented by Fear of God, Rick Owens and A.P.C.

Model: Luka Sabbat, featured in Vogue magazine as leading teen style icon. Also seen on VFiles and other publications.



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