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We're sorry for the delays on orders in the previous weeks, during which we had processing times of several weeks due to high demand. We recognize that many people are returning (or soon will be) to work/school/everyday life and are facing challenging times. Taking this into consideration, we will now be processing/shipping all in stock mask orders the next business day. To view which styles are in stock please visit here

In order to assist you, we have created this page to answer questions specific to mask orders. Please feel free to contact us at for any issues not addressed here or for a much faster response contact us on Instagram or Facebook Direct Message (DM)


How does next business day shipping work? 
All in stock masks (see in stock masks here) ship the next business day from our New Jersey, USA fulfillment center. Only in stock masks qualify for next day shipping. This does not include tees and other items, although those orders are fulfilled quickly as well. Please make sure the mask you want to order is in stock in order to qualify for next business day shipping. Please note that this does not mean next day delivery. Please allow one additional business day for orders placed over the weekend.


How do I check the status of my order? 
Most masks are now processed and shipped the following business day as of June 6th. You can check the status of your order by clicking here. If you ordered prior to June 6th, your item(s) is not on our backorder or pre-order list here, and you still have not received your tracking number, please urgently contact our Customer Care team at and we will assist with your order immediately. 


My mask is too big or too small for my face.
We're so sorry to hear that the mask does not fit right. We do our very best to make them one size fits all, and we apologize that yours did not fit right. 
We have some additional sizing tips here: If this still does not work, we have sizing toggles that help make the mask tighter ( If this still does not help resolve your sizing issue, please email us at for further assistance. 


What are the plastic things included in my mask polybags? 
We are working hard to try to perfect our sizing so that every mask fits properly in order to make them as effective as possible. In doing so, we have worked on a more stretchy elastic to help make it bigger, and we now provide toggles to make the masks tighter if they are too big on you. You can find instructions on how to use them here


Where is my mask shipped out from? 
Our fulfillment center is located in central New Jersey, USA. 


Where was my mask made?
Our masks are manufactured in China.


How often should the PM2.5 Filter be replaced in the Triple Layer Mask Inserts? 
Suggested replacement depends on how often the masks are used. If the triple layer mask is worn everyday, it is suggested to replace the PM2.5 filter every 7 days. 

Once my order ships, how long does it take for it to arrive?
Once you receive your shipping confirmation, most domestic, U.S. orders take between 1-5 business days. We now exclusively use DHL for all international orders to ensure smooth delivery. International orders normally take 7 business days depending on the destination. 


My package says it was delivered, but I never received it. 
We're so sorry to hear that your package is lost—we understand how disappointing that must be after waiting patiently for it to arrive. The first step is to make sure that you placed your order with a full and complete address in your order confirmation email. We sometimes see orders placed with an apartment or suite number and are delivered to the wrong box. If the address is correct, our first step is to suggest checking your mailbox, as masks are delivered in small polybags and are oftentimes delivered like regular letter mail. If it's not there, we have also seen USPS/UPS mark the parcel as delivered but actually deliver it a few days later—this may be due to time lags given the current situation with COVID-19. If none of the above are the case, please email us and we will take the next steps to address the matter.


Why were there so many delays? This is unlike your brand.
We have always taken a lot of pride in providing an exceptional customer experience from ordering on our website to receiving a high-quality product. If you experienced a delay with your order, we're deeply sorry. As humans, we sometimes fall short. Due to new regulations on masks at Customs and Border Protection, we saw delays in receiving our shipments. This is why we weren't able to ship within a 1-3 week window as we stated on our website when you placed your order. A lot of that has been out of our control. With the vast success of our face mask campaign, we have been able to donate a large amount of proceeds to the International Rescue Committee ( which has helped many less fortunate people all over the world, especially displaced refugees. We don't want you to feel that our intentions are not in the right place—if you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to hear from you. 


I waited really long for my order through April-May. 
We're deeply sorry for the long wait for orders placed during our pre-order phase when we were working very hard to keep up with production demands. We have since improved immensely to meet demands for this urgently needed item. If you waited more than two weeks for you order between April-June, please email us with your order number and we will ship you a free mask on us as an apology. 


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