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Press Release: Instagram Influencers x Profound Aesthetic

Press Release:

The Profound Influence

Social Media Marketing from Profound Aesthetic. How This Clothing Brand Works With Fashion Influencers From the Niche.



Profound Aesthetic is a lifestyle brand merging elements of street-culture and high fashion. We put a conscious focus on making the best designed and highest quality product, while infusing it with a deeply rooted culture that feeds on positivity and a love for beauty. We also take social responsibility in building a timeless brand that has focus on inspiring the masses, giving back to the unfortunate and better the perspective of everyone in our network and the people we come across. Below you can visit our website, our Instagram and highlighted press.

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Surely, Profound Aesthetic is not the first fashion label or brand to utilize social media influencer marketing to assist in promoting their products and spreading the word of the brand. But, just because it has been done in the past does not mean that our strategies cannot be effective. This press release will highlight how Profound, as a brand, has utilized various social media platforms to build relationships with key influencers in order to help market and maximize the reach of the brand and our products. We have highlighted 5 key social media influencers that have been instrumental in helping market Profound and various collections and releases. In some cases we will utilize quotes and sentiments from these influencers to help portray what Profound as brand means to them and how they feel about representing us.


All Images taken from Instagram


Ali Kassem (@kvssem) 10.9k Followers

Hailing from the city of angels, Ali has positioned himself as one of the top emerging social media fashion influencers on Instagram. Ali is an outfitgrid veteran and has won the daily competition numerous times featuring Profound statement garments. This has not only helped our brand reach more of our potential target customer demographic, but has also helped cement Profound as a brand that is here to stay amongst the online streetwear and fashion communities. When asked about what he thinks of Profound, Ali said, “Profound is a growing expression that has a lot of potential, and I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead. The fact that they reach out to trendsetters in social media is a key component for their growth.”


Jordan Michael (@jm_kickz) 36.7k Followers

Originally from the Detroit metro area, but now residing in Philadelphia, Jordan has shown Profound Aesthetic a lot of brotherly love. Jordan has been instrumental in debuting some of our key pieces in unseen collections. Jordan actually debuted our Pigment-Washed Full Neck Zip-Up Hoodie in Faded Black within an outfit grid post that received tremendous positive attention on Instagram and in turn, resulted in a huge surplus of orders when the hoodie was released to the public. When asked about what he thinks of Profound as brand, Jordan replied, “I think Profound is just dope in general. It’s not the same generic stuff you normally see with small brands. They actually pursue designs that aren’t mainstream and are original.”


Jacob Starr (@thestarrlife) 16k Followers

Representing the Pacific Northwest, Jacob is an OG Profound Aesthetic supporter. Along with having a large following on Instagram, Jacob also happens to be an extremely popular YouTube personality with over 35,000 subscribers. He is best known for his enthusiastic “unboxing” and  “pick-up” videos, being largely comprised of thrift store hauls and brand reviews. In addition to promoting Profound on his Instagram, Jacob has also created multiple YouTube videos based around reviewing Profound Aesthetic products and has even helped promote the brand by creating full video editorials modeling our clothing. “Profound Aesthetic is one of those brands that also does a good job at creating dope relevant pieces.”


Emmett O’Reagan (@yung__death) 19.3k Followers

Based out of Los Angeles, California- Emmett is a budding social media fashion influencer with a keen and unique sense of style. We first became familiar with Emmett via his frequent victory’s on Dennis Todisco’s @outfitgrid platform. Emmett has helped endorse the brand and has assisted in tremendously increasing the social media presence of Profound.

Jeremy Tan (@j.remyt) 12.5k Followers

One of our main goals when implementing our influencer marketing strategy was to incorporate key figures from various geographic locations in hopes of expanding our reach to the eyes of a demographic we would not otherwise reach. This is not better exemplified than with Jeremy Tan. Jeremy is a growing social media influencer from Singapore and has an audience and following that is mostly comprised of people from that area.



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