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"A New Coat of Paint" Collection

"A New Coat of Paint"

Grounded in the nostalgic touchstones of the American minority experience, each Profound collection tells a story from the perspective of the designers and the intersection of their oft dueling immigrant identities. Propelled by the reference-rich worldview of the artists, exploring the relationship between the raw and the elegant, the “A New Coat of Paint” Collection Lookbook is guided by the poetry of personal narratives, cultural and spiritual identity, and social commentary, the thoughtfully designed pieces and setting invoke a sense of fraught yearning for the past, the present, and the not too distant future.

The collection entitled "A New Coat of Paint" conceptually speaks to the fleeting nature of time and complexity of feeling during the last few turbulent years. Stylistically, the collection is rooted in vintage knits, washed workwear silhouettes, striking cultural patterns, patchwork denim and poignant conceptual graphic art.
















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