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Press Release: "There Will Be Heaven" Lookbook


Press Release:
"There Will Be Heaven" Lookbook
Profound Aesthetic Spring 2017 | Delivery 2


Collection Description:

Following Profound Aesthetic's Spring '17 Delivery 1, "Time Will Tell", the brand offers a second range for the season featuring light-weight bomber jackets, pull-over parka, nylon windbreakers, sleeveless french-terry hoodies and graphics named, "There Will Be Heaven". Sheani Gist is captured in a small suburban town where expectations to reach greater goals may be suppressed by limited ideology of what can be accomplished. "Heaven" is symbolic to the greater ambitions of life which Sheani shows he has hope to achieve outside of his limited environment he grew up in.


Model: Sheani Gist (Instagram)
Brand: Profound Aesthetic (Instagram)
Location: Montclair, New Jersey


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