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Cause | Aadil Abedi "Liberate" Original Painting


Cause | Aadil Abedi "Liberate" Original Painting


Cause | Aadil Abedi "Liberate" Original Painting

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Original Painting by Aadil Abedi
Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 24" 
Limited Edition - 1/1

All Proceeds from the purchase of this item will be donated to Islamic Relief

About Aadil's Work:
Designed and hand painted by Aadil Abedi. This is to keep the integrity of the creative process as well as providing each piece with its own sentiment.

Aadil creates a range of artistic designs connected by the central theme of showcasing the beauty of the Arabic script.

Aadil strongly believes such beauty transcends faith, ideology, culture and is not limited to a traditional canvas. He conveys such universality through a unique deconstructed approach in bringing the Arabic script to life.

Born and raised in London, Aadil has painted for renowned figures such as Hollywood actor Riz Ahmed, HUDA Beauty founders and Bollywood royalty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. He has collaborated with modest fashion house 'VERONA Collections' and his work was featured in ABC's NCIS series.

How Islamic Relief is Helping in Palestine:
With hundreds of Palestinians wounded in Jerusalem, this aid is urgently needed to save lives. Islamic Relief is supplying needed medical supplies to support Makassed hospital’s response to the escalating violence and to ensure that the hospital has the supplies it needs if the situation continues to escalate.  They will be used to treat the wounds, prevent the wounds from getting infected, prevent the staff from getting infected, and to monitor the patients’ health, among other benefits.

In Gaza, Palestine, Islamic Relief will provide its partner hospitals, clinics, and facilities with essential medicines and medical supplies.  The response will be a combination of immediate needs provision and longer-term care for those maimed and wounded. Partners will locally procure medicines and medical supplies that will fulfill some of the needs.

Islamic Relief works with partners who have been working in Palestine for over half a century which makes it easy to respond rapidly to emergency humanitarian situations.24

Islamic Relief's Dedication to Palestine:
Islamic Relief has been working in Palestine for over two decades. In the late 90’s Islamic Relief Palestine opened its office so long-term development projects could be implemented and overseen by people in the field.

For decades, our legacy in the country has grown to help hundreds of thousands of people every year with programs that provide livelihood support for farmers, help vulnerable children, and more. While the Islamic Relief community provides urgent aid in times of emergency, we also work with Palestinians and partners to implement long-term, sustainable programs that set families for independent success. We want Palestinians to survive and thrive! And with your continued support, IRUSA we can make that happen.

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