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Fabric PM2.5 Filtered Disposable Face Mask in Black


Fabric PM2.5 Filtered Disposable Face Mask in Black



Fabric PM2.5 Filtered Disposable Face Mask in Black


10 Pack of non-woven, dust-proof, breathable PM2.5 filtered disposable face masks in matte black. Fully comfortable high-stretch elastic loops for all face sizes. Unisex. One size fits all.


Returns/ Exchanges: 
To uphold responsibilities for safety & sanitation, this item is for final sale and can not be returned or exchanged.

This product is non-washable and meant to be disposed of after a full course of use. Although designed with technical specifications, this is not a medical product.

Discounts & gift codes do not apply. 

Profound™ Face Masks Featured in:
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With each mask purchased, a portion of your money will benefit:
1. International Rescue Committee (@rescueorg) COVID-19 Fund to assist refugee families in overpopulated, often neglected areas. See more.

2. Mask donation funds to assist healthcare workers in the areas closest to our home base, New York / New Jersey. 

3. Costs to fund the factory facilities that have graciously opened their doors for the production of these masks. The sewers, pattern makers and workers that continue to put themselves at risk every day. 

About Rescue Org COVID-19 Initiative:
As the world struggles to deal with the fallout of COVID-19 across its richest nations, the needs of the most vulnerable must not be neglected or forgotten. This pandemic is a powerful reminder of the world’s inequalities, and how we are only as strong as our weakest health system.⁠

Displaced and vulnerable families are often confined to overcrowded camps or cities where a disease like this can spread rapidly through the close-knit population. The sad truth is: the advice given to protect ourselves from the virus—wash your hands with soap and clean water, visit a health clinic if symptomatic, and self isolates or use social distancing—is not always possible for these families to follow when living in cramped spaces. ⁠⠀

Meanwhile, war and armed conflict devastate countries and their health care systems. In Yemen, for instance, more than half of the country’s health facilities are closed. In countries experiencing active conflict like Yemen, Syria, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, northeast Nigeria, and Burkina Faso, it will be much more difficult to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, putting the lives of thousands of civilians at increased risk. ⁠

This Masks Usefulness with Combatting COVID-19:
The CDC officially recommends cloth masks in public for everyone. The debate about whether the public should wear masks came after increasing evidence that infected people without symptoms can spread the coronavirus. Medical masks should still be reserved for health-care workers. More Information Via Official CDC Here.

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